2016 Gas Lift Workshop - ALRDC

By  ALRDC (Artificial Lift Research and Development Council ) Nov 18, 2016

A continuación se presentan los trabajos expuestos durante el último Gas Lift Workshop organizado ALRDC (Artificial Lift Research and Development Council ) en el mes de Mayo de 2016 en Houston, Texas.








# Compañía Autor Título Preentación
Session 1:  Offshore, Sub-Sea, Deep Water, TLP
Chair:  Greg Stephenson, Bongo (aka Jim Hall)
1 Brunei Shell Petroleum K. Sonti, F.Suhaimin, J.W. Hall  Novel Use of Dual Completion for Gas Lift Deepening Presentation
2 Weatherford Artificial Lift Steve Long Old Ideas Become New Again – A New Approach to the Differential Valve Presentation
New 3 Shell International EP Wayne Mabry Issues Associated with Selection and Use of Gas-Lift in Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature Applications Presentation
4 Encline Bill Elmer High Pressure Gas-Lift: Is Industry Missing a Potentially Huge Application to Horizontal Oil Wells? Presentation
5 AppSmiths Larry Peacock Day in the Lift of a Well Analyst Presentation
Session 2:  Gas-Lift Automation & Optimization
Chair:  Eric Lovie, Mike Johnson
1 Shell Global Solution International B.V. Gijs Hemink, Murat Kerem  Fiber Optic Based Gas Lift Surveillance Presentation
2 ExxonMobil Michael Romer Wireless Technologies for Gas Lift Surveillance Presentation
3 PSE Oil and Gas James Marriott, Apostolos  Giovanoglou, Kevin Wade New Approach to Full Field Gas Lift Optimization Presentation
4 Emerson Process Management Sudhir Jain Automating Gas-Lift Injection Rates Presentation
5 Senior Metal Bellows Engineering Pat Reed Edge-Welded Bellows Technology Including Trade-Offs Between Stroke, Pressure, and Cost and the Differences Between Edge-Welded and Formed Bellows Presentation
6 Air Squared, Inc. Bryce Shaffer, Andrew Morton An Overview of Positive Displacement Scroll Technology for Oil and Gas Applications Presentation
Session 3:  Gas-Lift Field Case Histories
Chair: Wayne Mabry, Michael Romer
1  Brunei Shell Petroleum Cio Cio Mario, J.W. Hall  Pilot Installation of a Deep Gas Lift System to Optimize Gas Lift Well Performance in Brunei Shell Petroleum Presentation
2 Flowco Production Solutions Matt Young Intermittent Gas-Lift Utilizing a Pilot Valve Presentation
3 Brunei Shell Petroleum, Shell Oil Company O. Owoyemj Batch Foaming Gas-Lifted Oil and Liquid Loaded Gas Wells in BSP Presentation
4 Royal Dutch Shell – NAM Ahmed Farag, Tony Robertson, Ankur Mittal,Kees Veeken, jerk Joustra, Jacobo Montero Foam Assist in a Gas-Lifted Oil Well Presentation
5 Weatherford Artificial Lift Christopher Hand, Randy Matthews Gas-Lift and Capillary Injection Bring New Life to Bakken Producers with Salt Deposition Problems Presentation
6 Encline Bill Elmer Improving the Design of Wellhead Gas-Lift Compressors Presentation
7 Shell International Steven Freeman Understanding Gas-Lift Equipment Issues in Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature Applications Presentation
Session 4: Status of API Standards, API Gas-Lift, and Other Items
1 McCalvin Enterprises David McCalvin Status Review: API Specifications and Recommended Practices for Gas-Lift Presentation
2 Schlumberger Phillip Hodge Field Trial in Alaska for 1" Barrier Gas-Lift Valve Presentation
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